Softball Game

How To Join Your Team

It Typically Takes 1-2 Minutes To Sign Up & Join Your Team

Download Softball Mobile On Your Smartphone, Open The App, And Follow These Instructions

How Parents Join Their Childs Team

Sign Up, Tap "Join Your Team", and Enter Your Team Code

If you used Softball Mobile last season, you may already be on a team after you log in. To join a new team, navigate to the more screen, tap "my teams", then tap "Join" on the bottom of the screen.

Select The Role "Parent", Create Your Child & Add Them To The Team

This allows coaches to see parents names and players names separately. It also allows parents to RSVP for events for both themselves and their child. 

Adding Additional Children To The Same Team Or A Different Team

If you are adding this child to a different team, tap "my teams", select or join the proper team, and add your child to that team.

How Coaches Join Their Team

Sign Up, Tap "Join Your Team", Enter Your Team Code and Choose "Coach"

Whoever asked you to join the team should have also provided a 6 character code. 

If You Have An Upgrade Credit, Assign It To Your Team

If you don't see the "upgrade team" button, your team has already been upgraded.

Wait For A Team Admin To Give You Coaching Permissions

The video displays how the person listed as your team administrator can change your permissions to "coach". 

Softball Mobile App Features

Learn skill fundamentals, find pre-made drills, plan for practice, share resources, manage your schedule, and communicate with your team using a single tool.

How To Get Your Team Setup On The Mobile App

Once you've signed up and created a team you will need to have your other coaches, parents, and players join you on the app. Here's how to make it happen!

Support Resources For Administrators & Teams

Having technical issues with the mobile app or are looking for additional support on how to implement this tool with multiple teams? We're here to help.