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How To Setup Your Team

Head Coaches or Team Managers Can Set Up Their Team In 2-4 Minutes 

Download Softball Mobile On Your Smartphone, Open The App, And Follow These Instructions

Open The App, Sign Up Or Log In, & Choose "Set Up My Team"

Anyone can sign up and create a team for free. Your team name, age group, and game type can be changed at any time in the team settings.


How To Set Up A Team

Share Your Team Code With Your Other Coaches & Parents

Using the "Share" button allows you to share a web link through email or text that will give everyone instructions on how to join your team.

Assign A Premium Upgrade Credit To Your Team

If you're a head coach registered with your provincial softball organization, there will be a credit in your account. To receive your credit, you must create a Softball Mobile account using the same email address that you used when registering with your local association. 

Give Your Other Coaches Coaching Permissions

Your team setup is almost complete! Whenever someone joins your team, they will automatically appear on your team members list. Once your other coaches join, you will want to give them coach permissions so they can assign practice plans, post announcements, and add activities to the schedule. 


How To Set Up Multiple Teams

Begin By Signing Up And Creating 1 Team

You will be able to create additional teams and navigate between your teams once you're inside of the app. 

Navigate To "My Teams" To Create Your Second Team

Once you have created your second team, you can repeat this process as many times as needed until you have made all of your teams. 

Share The 6 Character Team Code With Each Respective Team

This can be done by sending one mass email containing the 6 character team code for each time and instructing team members to join by downloading the app and entering their specific code.

Tell Each Head Coach To Assign Their Upgrade Credit Once They Have Joined

Once your head coach has joined the team you have created, they will be able to assign an upgrade credit to unlock all content and features for their team.  

Give Your Coaches Coaching Permissions Once They Join Their Team

You can also choose to make each head coach an admin, which will allow them to manage the team roster (remove coaches, parents and players) and change permissions for other members who join their team.  


Setting Up More Than Five Teams?

Complete this form and we'll setup teams for you.

We will contact you soon to gather your registration information and setup your teams.

Softball Mobile App Features

Learn skill fundamentals, find pre-made drills, plan for practice, share resources, manage your schedule, and communicate with your team using a single tool.

How To Join Your Team On The Mobile App

If your coach or administrator has instructed you to join your team on the app, here is some additional help on how to get set up properly.

Support Resources For Administrators & Teams

Having technical issues with the mobile app or are looking for additional support on how to implement this tool with multiple teams? We're here to help.